Products in the works!

Arctic Liquid-Cooled Computer Case

More info coming soon!

FC1 Flight Computer

This Arduino-compatible autonomous flight computer allows you to focus on coding for your application, whatever it may be, while handling basic functions in the background. It's powered by airOS, or Autonomous Intelligent Realtime Operating System, which intuitively and automatically handles stabilization, movement, absolute position and rotation tracking, and even safety sensor management.

TabPlus Chrome Extension

TabPlus, aka Tab++. Save, cache, and organize your tabs and sync across devices!

This helpful Chrome extension is a recent project of mine. I used to use OneTab to sort all my countless programming references (aka StackOverflow questions), API docs and datasheets, and of course YouTube and SoundCloud playlists, but it didn't really have the features I wanted. So I decided to create my own extension to handle the task! When the bookmarks bar just isn't good enough for you, you need TabPlus!

'Zithon in the Forest' Chrome Theme

More of a persosnal project, but still, a cute little UltraWide-compatible Chrome Theme. Also on ThemeBeta.

300W Moving Head DMX Light Projector

Check out our cool 300W RGB light projectors on Instagram! These motorized light-boxes are a new addition to the light-show we put on for Holoween and Christmas every year! You can also check out a few of the sequences in our show on YouTube!